Podobed L.I. Doctor Agricultural Sciences, Professor, Chief Scientist of the Institute of Animal Husbandry UAAS.

Why Ukraine, producing annually more than 40 million tons of grain is still very far from their own self-sufficiency in food supply? Special food shortages noted in the production of animal food products - milk, meat. How ironic that the country supplying to the world markets are largely food grains and fodder, while very little has been building in livestock production.

Agricultural production - the most important life-sustaining sphere of human activity, which determines the material well-being of the nation, social and political stability in society.

It is important to define the deficit of the agricultural products, lack of which needs to be filled in the first place. For example, today Ukraine needs a high quality, high-yield animal feed. That is why in 2009 in the Odessa region in Razdelnaya city by the company “AGROTRADE-YUG”, Ltd. was put into operation a new feed mill plant 4-th generation with capacity of up to 20 t / h. This is the first in the Southern region of Ukraine manufacturer of high-quality complete granulated animal feed for all kinds of livestock, poultry and fish.

Yegorov B.V. - Rector of the Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies
Ph.D., Professor, Honoured Scientist of Ukraine.

Created by professionals animal feed is a highly homogeneous mixture harmoniously complementary nutrients and bioactive substances that can maximize the genetic potential of livestock, poultry and fish, with appropriate conditions for their keeping. Moreover, controlling the composition of animal feed recipes, you can improve the consumer properties of animal foodstuff. Any attempt feeding of forage resources in conditions of industrial livestock, poultry and fishery yield animal feed for all economic indicators. That is why the animal feed was the main instrument of their production in all developed countries.

Current conditions, high awareness, changing priorities make a person more demanding to the quality of the proposed products. Caring for your health, the health of future generations, the desire to preserve one of the main wealth of any nation - land, forcing humanity seriously to evaluate the food technology. High quality of products and reducing its cost, taking into account resource becomes a priority in modern manufacturing.