Quality is a fundamental principle of the enterprise. We pay great attention to the choice of feedstock, which must meet an uniform system of quality requirements of feedstock supplied.

A special pride of the plant - the technological laboratory with an establishment of experienced, responsible personnel. Laboratory certified to 17.12.2011 (№ RO-858/2008 from 18.12.08) Industry certification - the definition of grain quality, animal feed and feedstock for their production.

The laboratory is equipped with the newest high-performance equipment and functionally divided into 2 parts:

  • quality control and storage of grain at the elevator;
  • control of feedstock, production process and produced animal feed.

Incoming quality control and monitoring of the grain during its storage at the elevator is carried on the following parameters: moisture content and weeds, grain (in olive oil crops) impurities, contamination by pests and vitreous, the contents of the damaged grain chinch, nature, the amount of wet gluten and the index deformation of the gluten, protein.

The each tone of feedstock is checked on safety and conformity to all quality characteristics of the production. Animal feed tested for quality - 2 times: - the first - in the production process at an early stage - the second - after the release of the batch. Examining is carried out by more than 10 indicators, including analysis of the content of basic amino acids.

Quality control of feedstock is carried out at the entrance before the production of animal feed for the following parameters: moisture, size, content of whole grains (including grains of wild plants), metal contaminants, mass fraction of crude protein, crude fiber, calcium, phosphor, sodium chloride (common salt), ash insoluble in hydrochloric acid, sand content, acid number, peroxide number, total acidity.

Animal feed tested for quality on all parameters, under existing State standards\ required by DSTU: in the production process at an early stage and at the end of the release batch.

We make the computer calculation of the animal feed recipe with help of the program of recipes optimization -“The Feed-Optima” on customer request. Close contact with specialist’s farms - livestock experts, veterinarians, etc. Animal feed recipe was preliminarily agreed with the customer.