Company on favourable terms provides services on the acceptance, clearing, drying, accumulation and storage, fumigation and also shipment and bringing to the basal condition of grain, oilseeds and industrial crops on the new hi-tech equipment. Modern drying technology is made by the company MC, USA, equipment – by CHIEF, USA.

Quality control and storage of grain at the elevator provides the laboratory equipped with the new high-efficiency equipment.

At the elevator are mill complexes for the production of wheat and rye flour.

Capacity of single storage -10 thousand tons.

The company works with automobile and railway transport and is fitted out by weighing facilities.

The convenient geographic location of the Elevator allows shipping grain to the nearest ports (Odessa,Yuzhny, Ilichevsk) as with automobile and railway transport with minimal logistics costs. Distance to Odessa - 76 km to the highway Odessa - Kiev - 32 km.